At Artfully Told, we know that art is a vital aspect of everyone’s lives. Everyone has a story about how art has impacted them—whether they are professional artists, amateur dabblers, or simply anyone who has seen a movie, read a book, attended a live performance, etc. Whether inspiring or humorous, sad or sweet, these stories have the power to connect us, and to transform the way we think about and experience art. We strive to make our podcast accessible and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and involvement with art. Together, we can create a community of people who value art in all its forms, and enjoy having their days be Artfully Told.

Your host, Lindsey Dinneen, is an avid art-lover, and is passionate about sharing the joy of art with the world. She is a professional dancer who also founded and is the Artistic Director of VidaDance Company. She also paints, sings, reads, cooks, and participates/enjoys as many other art forms as often as possible. She can be reached directly via social media (Instagram and Facebook @lindseydinneenofficial) or email (elevateartskc@gmail.com). 

Artfully Told is listener-supported! Even a donation of a couple dollars per month goes a long way to helping us keep sharing art stories with you. Between the monthly expenses of podcast hosting, editing software, and transcript services, this labor of love certainly has a cost to produce. We want to keep sharing stories of art, and every little bit helps! Please donate here today, and thanks so much for your support of Artfully Told!

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